We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the people of goodwill (associations, organizations and individuals) who supported SYAPE projects. By financing or sponsoring activities we organize, you have become major participants in a strong chain of solidarity.

You are included in our acknowledgements not only because you are sisters, but also for your individual participation in the drilling of wells that have brought happiness to so many of your brothers and sisters in Ndouloumaaji and elsewhere.

Your dynamism has made it possible for the drilling of four wells that ended the daily hardships of people who would toil to have  access to water, an invaluable resource. Your support has had tremendous impact.

You funded the ongoing drilling of CABA well and brought water to ABD education center that hosts many children. Your support is both sacred and meaningful because it is directed to the vulnerable and people in need. That is why we are warmly thanking you.

Your books and clothes donations came at the right time and met the demands of poor people and inmates. You can take pride in giving hope, in a beautiful spirit of solidarity, to many people.

Sensitive to the cause we defend, your wholehearted support has given us a lot satisfaction and optimism for tomorrow. The many people who have benefited from projects funded by you, and SYAPE are extremely grateful to you.

You got it right by funding two wells because 2 times 5 equals 10.  Your earn 10 out of 10, in terms of your vision. By providing easy access to water to two different areas, you have improved the lives of many people given the importance of water in life.

Thanks to your generous donations, the drilling of Barbara and Jerusalem wells was possible.  Please, know that beneficiaries of these two dwells are full of praise for you. You have contributed a great deal in alleviating their daily suffering.

Your support has made it possible for the drilling of a well rightfully named “Hurriyya.”  Access to water means freedom to many populations in an arid area in the Sahel.