Our Vision

There is no need to be an expert to be able to establish a correlation between hunger, thirst, illness and lack of education: as goes the saying “There is no reasoning with a starving man” that epitomizes an old but sad and ongoing reality.

In this world now a global village, would it be fair enough to turn a blind eye to the contradictions displaying some people dying from overweight and other starving to death?  The answer is obviously NO. We couldn’t agree more. At the threshold of the 21st century, SYAPE, fathoms that the essential needs of all human beings on earth can be met. It is that vision only that illuminates our path and guides our action. It is not a utopia but a realistic plan that is workable for a better world. To come to that end, let’s act simply together for tremendous achievements….. All those sharing with us the same ideal and vision shall join us for a real sustainable development. That would be no more, no less than acceding to drinkable water; to food ; to education and health care.

Knowing the prevailing situation which is a matter of great concern to us, we, the members of this organization- SYAPE, aware of the sense of solidarity, have decided to join our forces in order to help and assist those in dire necessity, wherever they can be.  Our action takes inspiration from the humane values of Islam that urge on and remind unceasingly the importance of sharing; of solidarity; brotherhood and mutual assistance.