About us

Founded in October 2011, “Sakku-yiw Action pour l’Espoir” is a non-profit-making welfare and charity organization in accordance with the 1901 French low. It fights untiringly in providing help, promoting mutual assistance, solidarity and brotherhood between peoples.

The financial contributions of its members and sympathizers; the donation of benefactors, are the essential revenues enabling “Sakku-Yiw, Actions pour l’Espoir” to overcome.

Our goals are to alleviate the sufferings of poor people and to improve their living conditions, in spurring on actions in four principal levels:

Access to drinkable water

Access to education

Access to health and  medical care  

Access to food and essential needs

Far from being exhaustive, the actions hereby mentioned are the shared values uniting individuals from all walks of life; that gave birth to “Sakku-Yiw Actions pour l'Espoir.”  Heedful of the tremendous work that has to be done in their different homelands to relief their population, the founding fathers of “Sakku-yiw Actions pour l’Espoir” in unison have chosen the African continent in particular and third-world-countries in general as battle field.

« Sakku-Yiw Actions pour l’Espoir »-Organization and composition:

An executive office of fifteen members

4 departments: Education; Health; Access to drinkable water; Struggle against poverty.

Many sympathizers.

A partnership with other foundations.