Etat du projet: 
En attente de financement
Coût du projet: 
150 000€
Montant récolte: 
5 302€

Your organization Sakku-Yiw Actions pour l’espoir, faithful to its mission, wants to assist these schools with your help. The organization wants to contribute in creating better learning conditions for thousands of children many of whom are orphans or/and are from low-income families.

Sakky Yiw plans to assist 6 schools (five in Senegal, and one in Mali). The schools have been selected for the good quality of their instruction, the seriousness of their authorities, and above all for the fact that they do not allow begging, a phenomenon so widespread in West African Islamic schools.

To assist these schools means offering a bright future to many children, and contributing to spreading an  Islamic knowledge that will outlive us.